OpenTable. Creating design systems together.

Client of Waybury — Co-Founder & Director of Product Design

OpenTable was looking to update its organizational experience without the constraints of its current aesthetic. They wanted to tell the story of OpenTable in an approachable manner while garnering interest for people to work there. We ended up creating a modular, extensible design system which solved their immediate needs while creating a foundation to build upon. Three years later we were still working with OpenTable on new initiatives using the system we created together when Waybury was acquired.

Finding talent is hard

Convincing talent to work for you is harder. Fit and team dynamics is a top consideration for where people decide to work. We wanted to place the team of OpenTable—specifically people visitors may know—on the careers page. Seeing their colleagues at OpenTable creates an immediate connection with the company.

Iterating together

We always advocate for collaboration, but it was paramount for the creation of OpenTable for Restaurants. There was communication across many OpenTable stakeholders including external copywriters and photographers—it was a lot to coordinate. We worked onsite for a large portion of the project—which allowed us to share ideas and make decisions.