Symantec. Making a design real... then making it better.

Working with Fortified, Client of Waybury — Co-Founder & Director of Product Design

We worked with a San Francisco digital design agency that was tasked to create the next, future-focused version of Symantec's flagship suite of consumer facing online products. Their design team developed static design comps for critical screens and flows and wanted to extend their understanding of the user interaction and experience by having functional prototypes built for key areas.

They looked to us to not only build a prototype of their screens, but to collaboratively identify and solve interaction and design issues that were uncovered during the prototyping process. Waybury delivered a fully functional, responsive prototype which was used along with the prototype-informed revised design to present the final concept to Symantec.

From direction to development

The visual design provided to Waybury set the direction, ready for exploration and iteration. We quickly worked to create rough functional wireframes of each screen so we could get an overview of the product's scope and commonalities. This allowed us to identify latent interaction challenges in the design to help frame our efforts. From there we focused on tuning the details of interaction design, applied motion design to all states and helped adapt the design to a tablet format. Throughout the process we identified and presented our adaptations and best-practice recommendations for design reviews and discussion.

Creating better discussions around prototypes

All reviews with the agency were centered around working code. Both teams would review the prototype progress, discuss key learnings and challenges then determine next steps and propose changes through sketches and quick Photoshop comps. Working in functional code brought a realism and foundation to the thinking that would have been incomplete using only traditional sketches and static comps. Handing a tablet with an interactive prototype to a team member so they could use their design made all the difference.